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Purchase instructions
Buying in this virtual shop is like to buy in a Supermarket.
In the real experience we can have a look at the products in the racks, we put the products we want to buy in the shopping cart and then we go to the cash desk and pay.
In this site we surf throught the pages and have a view of the products features, we add the articles in the shopping cart and then we go to the proper page (cash page) where we put our details and we choose the method of payment.
You will receive the products you ordered directly at home after a few days.

The shopping cart is the container where you put the products you want to buy.
In every moment you can have a look at the content of the shopping cart.
It's very easy to add other products in it. When we see an interesting product we only need to click the cart icon next to it.
In order to remove a product from your cart just go to the cart management page and choose 0 (zero) as the quantity of the product you want to remove, then press recalculate.
 Terms of sale

Gli ordini vengono effettuati attraverso il sito internet utilizzando gli appositi moduli d'ordine a seguito della visione e scelta dei prodotti aggiunti con le funzioni di carrello on-line.

PAYMENTS - Two types of payment are possible:

  • Bank transfer in advance to:
    Banca Sella SpA
    From Italy - IBAN: IT67 Q032 6802 4000 5285 0864 140
    From other countries - BIC (cod. SWIFT): SELBIT2BXXX

  • Credit card
    compiling the order form in all its fields, you'll be the redirected on Banca Sella web site (our payment gateway partner) where you'll be asked to insert your credit card details. Once verified you'll be redirected again to this site for your order confirmation.
    Purchases via credit card are secured by Banca Sella (our Payment Gateway). All credit card details are encrypted and it's possible to verify the encryption with a icon of a closed padlock (or a key) that the browser visualizes at the bottom bar.

DELIVERY CHARGES (max three pieces):
Delivery charge is guaranteed in Italy at 12,00 Euro
In Europe, Mediterranean basin at 65,00 Euro
In East Europe, Africa, USA and Canada, Asia at 130,00 Euro
In Asia, Center and South America, Africa at 190,00 Euro
In Australia and South America at 175,00 Euro

Contact informations:
Tel. +39 051 240965
e-mail: shop@fogacci.com
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